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Are Table Runners out of Style?

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

Let's dive into this stylish debate, with a splash of MollyMac's vibrant designs.

Cat Table runner and napkins

Are Table Runners Old-fashioned?

Close your eyes and picture this, a table runner, but not just any old table runner, we are talking a MollyMac table runner - with bursts of colour and cheer that instantly lift the mood. Now, are these old-fashioned? Absolutely not! In fact, they're the breath of fresh air your dining room deserves.

Bird Table runner

Table runners have been a decorating darling for ages and for good reason. They're like the fashion-forward accessories of the decor world. They come in various materials, colors, and styles, and they add that extra oomph to your dining setup. Place them lengthwise, sideways whether on a tablecloth or alone, and voilà, instant charm upgrade! But, hang on a minute, there's more to table runners than meets the eye. They aren't just about style; they bring substance to the party too. Need to protect your table from hot dishes or spills? Table runners have got your back. These runners aren't just pretty faces; they're practical superheroes.

Are Table Runners Still in Fashion?

Oh, you betcha! In 2023, table runners are like the little black dress of your dining room or kitchen. They're here to stay, and they're not going anywhere. In fact, they're the secret sauce to add that pop of colour and texture to your decor but still letting your beautiful table be seen.

But guess what? MollyMac's table runners aren't just for your dining table. Nope, they're versatile. They can work wonders on sideboards or hallway tables, adding a burst of cheerful color and texture.

Elephant table runner

Dark corner of the room? MollyMac's runners are like rays of sunshine, brightening up even the gloomiest spaces.

The Beauty of MollyMac Table Runners

Well they are a sight for sore eyes. Imagine setting a table with these vibrant, cheerful designs. Suddenly, your dining room feels like a botanical garden, cottage core chic or a colourful carnival of elephants, anything to match your mood. And here's the cherry on top - MollyMac offers matching napkins. You can be the host or hostess with the mostest, all coordinated and ready to impress.

In summary, if you have a table (or even if you don't), MollyMac's table runners are an absolute must. They're the chameleons of the decor world, fitting seamlessly into any style, from modern to traditional. So, are table runners out of style? Not a chance, especially when they come in the delightful designs that MollyMac serves up.


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