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Can Greeting Cards be Recycled?

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

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Wondering what to do with those heartwarming pieces of art, those tiny messengers of love, laughter and the occasional weird sense of humour we call greeting cards? Well, good news, MollyMac has cards for all occasions, even some you didn't know you wanted to celebrate. But here's the twist – what happens when the party's over? Can these cards be recycled? Let's dive into this eco-friendly puzzle!

Are Greeting Cards Recyclable? Recycling the cards we send and receive for birthdays, holidays, and special occasions is the greenest way to bid farewell to these paper treasures. In the UK we unleash roughly one billion Christmas cards yearly, not to mention the daily flood of birthday cards. When you add other greeting cards to the mix, it's like a mountain of paper love. But hang on to your recycling bins, understanding what becomes of used greeting cards, how card recycling operates and why it matters can make a huge difference. Time to spill the recycling tea!

How are Greeting Cards Made? MollyMac cards are all printed in the UK, where the paper industry has been self-sustainable since before recycling was even a glimmer in Greta Thunberg's Grandad's eye. Plus, we don't use glue or glitter, so these cards can be recycled without any "sticky" issues.

Recycling Reality Check You can usually toss most greeting cards into the paper recycling bin, envelopes included. But here's the plot twist – cards bedazzled with glitter or glued bits are party crashers when it comes to recycling. These rascals belong in the general waste bin. Why, you ask? It all comes down to waste contamination – a recycling nightmare. Even a lone, half-drunk paper coffee cup sneaking into the card waste can turn recycling into a comedy of errors. Workers might have to kiss entire truckloads of recycling goodbye if things get messy, and there's only so much they can sort by hand with such a hefty workload. So, remember the golden rule – no glitter, folks!

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What to do with old Greeting Cards But wait, what about the cards that can't join the recycling party? Or maybe you just want to give them a second chance at life? Don't fret; we've got some crafty ideas up our sleeves: 1. Make Scrapbooks Transforming old greeting cards into scrapbooks is a breeze. These cards are basically paper gold mines. Grab some scissors, cut out the plain parts, and let your artistic side run wild. Then, get a little transparent jar and display your quirky scrapbooks on your desk. They're perfect for jotting down addresses or numbers during phone calls – a whimsical touch to your day! 2. Make Tags Since greeting cards are made of paper, you can turn them into tags, saving you the trouble of buying tags for gifts and special occasions. Cut them into various shapes, add a splash of paint in contrasting but cool colors, and voila! These tags aren't just for gifts; they can convey messages too, like a cheeky "Do Not Disturb" on your door. 3. Make Decorations Time to unleash your inner crafting genius! Those old greeting cards can become dazzling decorations. All you need are some glue, scissors, and strings for hanging your masterpieces. For an extra splash of pizzazz, add paint to the mix. Cut out your desired shapes – stars, hearts, or whatever tickles your fancy. Attach some strings and dive into a paint frenzy with contrasting, beautiful colors. Once they're ready, hang them high, and let your creative designs shine in style.


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