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We recommend that all our fabric products are separated into light or dark colours and washed at 30 degrees. For best results, use a non-biological detergent containing no whiteners or bleaching agents that can cause colours to fade. When hand washing, do not place the detergent directly onto the laundry, but ensure liquids are dispersed and powders completely dissolved before immersing the items to be washed.


We would recommend pre-washing our tea-towels before use, to ensure better absorbency. Our products are treated at the final stage of production to ensure colour steadfastness, a light wash will remove the stiffness from the tea towel and they will be good for purpose!



Line drying is ideal for leaving your laundry outdoor-fresh and almost crease-free, using a tumble dryer at the correct setting also gives good results although not so good for the environment! Do not over dry laundry in a tumble dryer and remove promptly to reduce creasing, smoothing out and reshaping everything, pay attention to borders and hems on table runners and table cloths, then fold carefully.

Washing and drying fabrics correctly will help eliminate creasing and make ironing easier. Cotton creases more when new, but with time the fabric softens and this will reduce. For best results, iron tablecloths, table runners and napkins whilst still slightly damp, using a steam iron. In the event that fabrics have become bone-dry, we advise re-damping with a water spray before.



Some degree of fading of colour will occur naturally over time. Especially if the items are washed at hight temperature or left in direct sunlight.



All natural fibres will shrink. However, washing or drying fabrics at excessively hot temperatures will cause more shrinkage than usual.


Washing our Mugs

Our mugs are all dishwasher safe, unless labelled differently. A well loved mug can often get stained - especially with dark liquids like many teas and coffee, most stains can be removed by soaking the item in warm water before washing. We have found that hand cleaning your mug as soon as possible is the best way to avoid staining.

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