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Can Table Runners be Shorter than the table & other questions?

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

A table runner, it’s a bit like magic for your table, isn’t it? It’s a simple yet effective way to instantly brighten up a space, add delightful texture, and create a pop of vibrant colour. We adore the simplicity of using a table runner. They can adapt to any size or shape of the table - oh, yes, they can! - and can be changed in an instant, yet still allow your table to shine in the spotlight.

So, let’s dive into some of the burning questions about table runners and how to use them.

Chicken Table Runner

Can Table Runners be used on round tables?

What if you have a round table? Can you still work your decorating magic with a table runner? Absolutely!

Picture MollyMac’s lively and cheerful table runners gracing your round table. It’s a match made in decor heaven. Mixing different shapes on your dining room table is the secret to achieving a layered and dimensional look that’s simply stunning.

But hold on, table runners are more than just eye candy. They’re practical too, serving as shields for your table’s surface, hiding scratches, and injecting a burst of life into an otherwise plain tabletop. So, if you’ve got a round table, don’t hesitate to embrace the enchanting world of table runners.

Can table runners be shorter than the table?

Can table runners be shorter than the table

Yes! Shopping for table runners can sometimes feel like a Goldilocks quest – too long, too short, just right. But that’s the beauty of table runners; they’re all about personal preference and dressing the table to adapt. If your table is over 6ft, having a shorter runner just means you can place extra settings at the end or use the space for some table decorations, like flowers or candles.

Can table runners hang over?

Here’s the million-dollar question: Must a table runner hang over the edge? Not necessarily. We're back to preferences again and what you like the look of.

Surely there are more important things to worry about than table runners and the perfect length. Ask yourself, does that look okay to me? Is anyone going to be offended by the short/long table runner? If the answer is yes, then consider switching up your friends and their ridiculously judgmental ways.

Crossed Table Runners

Let’s break it down - MollyMac table runners are the perfect length of 6ft, which magically works on any size or shape of table you might own.

There, that’s all you need to know!"


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