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Make Placemats from Tea Towels - it could not be easier!

Updated: Mar 25

How to make some gorgeous fabric placemats with a tea towel. All you need is a tea towel. Maybe one you love from www.mollymacliving.co.uk but you choose!

Hunt your house, sewing box or craft cupboard for a contrasting piece of cotton fabric. I chose an orange spot that I have had hanging around for ages. It needs to be the same size as the tea towel.

A sewing machine and thread (or needle and pins if you are going to sew by hand)

A pair of scissors

And that’s it – I told you it was easy!

Cut your tea towel in half. Put half the tea towel and the contrasting fabric facing each other and pin if you are a nervous sewer. Just stitch all the way around, leaving a gap of a few inches so you can turn your creation the right way out.

Before you do, cut the corners like this so they do not bunch.

Once you have turned your placemats the right way round, stitch up the gap by either using the sewing machine or by hand, then repeat to create your second table mat with the other half of the tea towel.

Lay your table with your gorgeous new placemats. I know…how easy was that? Your very own MollyMac Placemats … if you need a tea towel to try this out, use this code for a 10% discount! PLACEMAT It is valid until the end of 2018.

Post an image on Instagram, Twitter and hashtag us @MollyMacLiving when you have made your own, so we can all share in all its loveliness.

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