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Why tea towels are called tea towels

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

Ever wondered why we call them tea towels, especially when they are such a versatile kitchen gem today? Consider our charming MollyMac tea towels that add a dash of personality to your space, I mean that's a really important job in your home and 'tea towel' does not do it justice.

Alphabet Tea Towel

Well, let's embark on a little history journey.

The credit goes to Queen Victoria and her tea-loving Victorian era. Back then tea was serious business and it came with a touch of social hierarchy. During the afternoon tea tradition, the lady of the house oversaw the finest china and the tea towel became an essential part of the service, it was placed on the tray, ready to swiftly mop up any tea spills and was much admired by the guests. Crafted from the finest linen, its soft texture made it perfect for drying delicate bone china – a task even the finest ladies weren't averse to.

With the onset of the Industrial Revolution, tea towels made their way into more homes, now often made from cotton. Cottonopolis, aka Manchester, played a key role in this transformation.

Fox Tea Towel

Today, despite dishwashers being commonplace, the humble tea towel still holds its own. Its rich history as a prized possession aligns perfectly with our MollyMac ethos – it's not just a tea towel; it's a reflection of your style and personality. Remember, even in this modern age, you will be judged by your choice of tea towel!


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