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How often should you wash your tea towels?

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

I mean, you might as well be asking how long is a piece of string? Let us look at the evidence, if we are talking about our MollyMac tea towels - and of course why would we really be discussing anything else - then we expect their use to be more in lines of adding a dash of style to your kitchen than tackling colossal kitchen catastrophes. Sure, they’re easy to clean and wash perfectly. But let’s face it, MollyMac tea towels are like the fashionistas of the kitchen world. They’re here to make a statement, not mop up that spaghetti sauce explosion you swore was simmering gently.

wildflower tea towel

MollyMac tea towels are like the celebrities of your kitchen – they want to be seen and admired, not buried under a pile of dirty dishes. So, go ahead, let them shine. Use them to gently pat your freshly washed lettuce dry, or maybe for a little tea towel artistry while you cover your bread dough. But when it comes to epic messes, they’d prefer to stay clean themselves.

However for your more run-of-the-mill tea towel that is doing a lot of the heavy lifting, that will need a daily date with the washing machine, but if your kitchen sees less action, and you’re more of a coffee-in-the-morning, oven-ready-meal-at-night type, then every 3 to 7 days should suffice. The Food Standards Agency (FSA) recommends changing your tea towel at least once a week. We’d say every three to five days is a good rule of thumb. If you’re using a dish towel for spills and messes, consider washing it sooner to prevent bacteria from setting up camp. But if it’s mostly for drying your hands after doing the dishes (I think we are all imagining a MollyMac staple for this job), waiting the full five days should be fine.

Why the regular washing schedule?

Research has shown that kitchen towels can harbour bacteria, including some not-so-friendly ones like Salmonella and E. coli. So, keeping them clean and dry is essential. Hang ‘em up properly between uses, and it’s a good idea to have a stack of fresh ones ready to go.

Think of MollyMac tea towels as your kitchen’s fabulous accessories. They’re here to elevate your culinary style, not dive headfirst into the dishwater. So, let those spills and splatters meet their spongey match and let your MollyMac tea towels enjoy their moment in the spotlight. After all, they’re the real stars of your kitchen!

Stay clean and happy cooking!

elephant tea towel


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