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Are Tea Towels Absorbent?

This is a question we were asked that surprised us when we first started selling our tea towels at local markets "Are your tea towels absorbent?" I mean, yes of course they are, what sort of question is that? Why wouldn't they be? But apparently much more common than I thought and the number one question on google about tea towels!

"Which tea towels dry best?"

There isn't much to unravel here, it boils down to one very simple issue, when you unpack your new MollyMac Tea towel - there are others out there I have been told but we won't dwell on them - you might notice a stiffness to the cotton which would perhaps lead you to question their effectiveness for drying dishes. Fear not, take a moment before you write a stern letter of complaint, they just need a gentle wash to remove the excess oils and dye left over from the manufacturing process. Then they will be fit for purpose.

Thank You Tea towel

Streak free glasses? Absolutely.

Shiny knives and forks? Of course.

"Which tea towels are the most absorbent?"

Be happy in the knowledge that you aren't alone in asking this question and can delight fellow tea towel owners with this rare insight. The answer here is MollyMac's are absorbent and hard wearing - just give them a gentle was first!

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