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Make an Apron from a Tea Towel

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

If you want to make an apron from one of our tea towels we can show you how.

We know it’s hard not to get carried away when buying our tea towels, especially when you look at our gorgeous designs. So we thought we’d blog about all the things you can make with tea towels so you can enjoy them all the more. As you possibly already know, our excellent quality tea towels are made of cotton and they are the perfect size for this crafty project. Kirstie Allsopp eat your heart out!

To make this apron you will need:

A sewing machine or a needle if you’re clever enough to sew by hand

A few pins 

Some thread

About a meter or just over a yard of ribbon or tape for the ties (enough to go round the neck and also to tie your piny on at the back)

Some scissors 

A beautiful MollyMac tea towel. Here’s a link if you don’t already have one (rude!):

TOP TIP: Choose a portrait rather than landscape design so it will make sense when the apron is worn. We often have special offers on site too so check that out.

If you fancy pushing the boat out with a pocket for your apron, you’ll need some co-ordinating fabric that can be any size but you need to be able to fold it in half for the pocket size. Mine was 16” x 10” so folded down it made a pocket about 71/2” by 9” taking seam allowance into account. What’s that in new money? ...Oh you’ll have to work that out yourselves!

This is your time to shine! Who needs Pinterest?

Preparation to make an apron

Choose your tea towel

I chose one of our blue fish designs and paired it with some co-ordinating fabric for a pocket (optional). As you can see, I put a little trim on the bottom of mine because I had some to hand, but you decide if you’re feeling sassy enough for this extra step!

Are you ready?

I’ve always been a “you can do it” maker from a “try it and see” family, but if you’re more of a planner, you could make a simple pattern for yourself to cut off the two bits which give the apron its shape.

You can see what I mean here.

Making an apron - the process

I did mine with a curve but making them straight instead would work just as well. You can either fold your tea towel in half and cut this shape out of both sides or use the first cut-off as the pattern for the second bit.

When it’s done it should look like this…

Making an apron - the process

I turned the cut edges over just once with a small seam and zigzag stitched them to neaten it up a little bit.

Pocket Size Perfection

I always seem to have a fair bit of fabric hanging around, but you can use whatever you like. The piece of fabric I went for was designed by Anne Kelle who has product information online.

Choose a piece of fabric double the size of the pocket you want with a little seam allowance. I folded the fabric in half along the top so that the design was facing each other and stitched around leaving about half of one side unstitched so I could turn it around the right way in a big dramatic reveal.

I then ironed the pocket-to-be, pinned it on and stitched around to create my handy apron pouch.

Being a bit of a textile maverick, I did this stitching with my eye so it’s not perfect, but I would advise you to pin it and check it’s straight. Do as I say, not as I do! I held the apron up against me to work out the length of the tie needed to go around the neck and the two which tie around the waist. I stitched on these ties and added a flourish of bobble trim along the bottom. 

Voila! Your very own MollyMac tea-towel-come-apron for you to be a domestic goddess in … if you need a tea towel to try this out, use this code for a 10% discount! APRON It is valid until the end of 2018.

Post an image on Instagram, Twitter and tag us @MollyMacLiving when you have made your own MollyMac Apron/Tea towel, so we can all share in its loveliness.

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